Making cash work for your business.

Many businesses only concentrate on managing cash when it is in short supply. This is inefficient and detrimental to business growth.

Working with you, Progeny Corporate Law will ensure that cash is considered during every decision process, extracting maximum value from your income to ensure business growth. We help to identify any potential weaknesses or threats to the business, while identifying hidden or under-performing assets. We will work with you to monetise them.

We make sure that your supplier and customer contracts are under constant review, and that strategies are in place to ensure that you work with both of those parties to maximise cash flows in your favour. Additionally, we will ensure that any bank/alternative funding structures are in place to reflect the trading patterns and cash flows of the business.

We can help with:

·      Working Capital ·      Invoice Finance
·      Debt Recovery ·      Credit Control
·      Late Payment Penalties ·      Terms of Trade
·      Time to Pay Arrangement ·      Corporation Tax
·      VAT

We provide specific services that are suitable for managing your businesses’ cashflow: