OUR EXPERTISE: Growth and Business Development 

Helping your business manage the challenges of growing.

Growth is essential for businesses to compete effectively – but it is not just about the ‘bottom line’.

You need to be able to grow all your company assets to stay ahead of your competition, and then protect and increase the value you have created. All of our services are tailored to assist business growth by focussing on development of your people, retention of key staff, and creating business structures to support asset growth.

Progeny Corporate Law understands the need to fund growth through either internal cash generation, or by accessing external funding options, while releasing you from day-to-day risk management. This allows you to focus your efforts on doing the things that created your success in the first place without forgetting about your bottom line.

We can help with:

·      Succession Planning ·      Sale to management
·      Private Equity ·      Share restructures
·      Funding growth ·      Shareholder agreements
·      HMRC valuation Clearance ·      Angel investments
·      Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT)

We provide specific services that are suitable for managing your business growth: