OUR EXPERTISE: Management Academy

The Progeny Corporate Law Management Academy is dedicated to the advancement of senior management teams.

Skilled senior management increases shareholder value for external buyers. They can also act as a full or partial exit tool for owners to extract value and move to Chairmanship.

What is the objective?

The objective of the Progeny Corporate Law Management Academy is to provide existing management teams with the ability to further their contribution to the company’s value. The Academy trains and develops senior management across a broad range of skill sets from different subsidiary companies within groups ranging from 10-20 people.

What can you expect?

The four training days are lively and informal, and are followed up with mentoring sessions run by Progeny Corporate Law. The programme will include:

  • Leadership and management
  • Business plans and strategy
  • Understanding and designing management and financial information
  • Presentation skills, board meetings and action plans

What is the cost?

The Academy costs £2,000 + VAT for each member enrolled for all four sessions, and  includes food and an overnight stay at each session.