OUR EXPERTISE: People and Employees

Helping your business maximise the value of your people.

In many businesses, staff are the greatest asset. Frequently, they are also the largest cost, and potentially, the biggest risk.

Working with you, Progeny Corporate Law will deliver a range of commercial and legal solutions, and ensure that your strategies will always allow you to get the most from the human capital employed in your business.

Our Management Academy is dedicated to the advancement of senior management. As skilled senior management increases the shareholder value for external buyers, the goal of the Progeny Corporate Law Management Academy is to provide existing management teams with the ability to further their contribution to the company value.

At Progeny Corporate Law, we can help review current HR procedures and monthly on-going support, while advising on employee contracts, restrictions and protection for your business.

Statutory compliance. We prepare for the potential impact of your team on the company valuation and provide assistance with employee engagement and culture definition.

We can help with:

·      Employee Incentive Schemes ·      Director Share Purchase Agreements
·      Employment Policies ·      Employee Contracts & Handbook
·      Employee Consultations ·      Maternity Leave
·      Redundancy & Re-organisation ·      Discrimination & Equal Pay
·      Management Training

We provide specific services that are suitable for managing your employees: