OUR EXPERTISE: Employment Law

In a world where the pace of change in employment legislation means that HR experts are fully occupied in remaining compliant, it is almost impossible to expect that a business owner could hope to attempt to keep up with the ever changing landscape. Then, even more so, that they can then interpret that legislation to reflect the culture they are wanting to create in their business.

Each business is different and faces different challenges, or is at different stages of their journey. At Progeny Corporate Law, we can relieve much of that headache by working with you on all HR, employment law and incentive issues thereby leaving you with more time to focus on the things that made your business successful in the first place.

Wherever your business is on its journey, our employment team can work with you, either as part of our ongoing In House Legal support offering, or on ‘one off’ projects to come up with the right solution that works for your business.

From the start to finish of the employment process, and anything in between, we can assist with anything that you might be faced with, including:

At the start:

·      Helping with the recruitment process ·      Issuing contracts, including senior executive contracts
·      Company handbooks, policies & procedures ·      Business immigration and immigration appeals
·      Bespoke tax efficient employee incentive arrangements and employee share schemes

Running with your business day-to-day employment needs:

·      Disciplinary & capability issues ·      Relationships with trade unions
·      Grievances, discrimination, bullying & harassment claims ·      Family-related rights and flexible working
·      Whistleblowing ·      Terms and conditions and changing contracts

Looking at expansion and change projects:

·      TUPE and outsourcing ·      Key person recruitment and incentive schemes
·      Collective redundancies ·      Due diligence & contract negotiation
·      Impact of corporate transactions

Re-structure, closure or ending an employment relationship:

·      Redundancy (individual or collective) ·      Dismissal procedures
·      Settlement agreements ·      Restrictive covenants & protecting confidentiality