OUR EXPERTISE: Commercial, Contract and Property Disputes

When disputes arise, our clients want the confidence of knowing that it will be resolved as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

The purpose of litigation is to win for our client. The fundamental premise within this statement is to agree with them what winning means, and what it looks like.

Our approach reflects what is needed in each given circumstance. This could mean having to fight all the way through the courts to protect clients from events that may irreparably damage their business. Alternatively, it may require help with negotiations or correspondence to ensure that a problem is resolved, or that a valuable commercial relationship is protected when an issue has arisen.

At every stage, we never lose sight of the purpose of the litigation involving our client. We ensure they get the solution they need within the time scale they want and the budget that they can afford.

As a firm, we are strongly committed to offering alternative cost options for clients. We do not believe that time recording and hourly charging works well. Our preference is to work on fixed fees for stages of the work, or other alternative fee arrangements. We will always look to reflect the commercial value of any advice we give, or work we undertake, and will consistently review this during the course of any action to keep this in mind.

Litigating through the courts, or by arbitration, can be both expensive and time consuming. But it is one of a number of options available for resolving disputes. We will recommend mediation or negotiation if there is sufficient common ground to achieve a potential settlement. The swiftest route to a satisfactory resolution of a case can often be found in strong, reasoned argument. However, we will take firm action where our clients’ situation demands it.

We are experienced at handling and managing these types of disputes:

·      Director Disputes ·      Employee / Employment Disputes
·      JCT Contract Disputes ·      Shareholder Disputes
·      Negotiation and Agreement ·      Negligence
·      Real Estate Disputes ·      Contract Disputes
·      Fraud ·      Commercial Disputes